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My Sore Neck: Thoughts From a Frequent Flyer

Dear airline seat designers,

We frequent flyers are a sore bunch.  Plane seats cause so much pain I’d even give up my 70% dark chocolate in exchange for better seats.

For some silly reason, most seats have a bump at the top that pushes your head forward. If you’re 5’10, that bump probably fits nicely into the curve […]

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Reduce Inflammation With These Foods (+ 3 Foods to Avoid)

Pain is complex. We don’t fully understand what causes pain. We do know, however, that inflammation is a large factor and can impact every cell type and organ system. Inflammation is how our body reacts to harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, and damaged cells and is responsible for most of the damaging effects we […]

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5 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Turmeric

There are many good foods we don’t eat enough of. Turmeric is high on the list.

Whenever we enjoy curries, our bodies enjoy the boost of turmeric to its pain-fighting arsenal. Turmeric may even be more effective than pharmaceuticals in the battle against several chronic diseases. It also has […]

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5 Foods You Should Eat to Reduce Your Pain Naturally

Here’s one of my favourite analogies. The chemical makeup of your body is like the soil that we grow plants in. For your body to grow and heal, your chemical makeup needs to be full of balanced nutrients — just as soil has to be full of balanced nutrients for beautiful and healthy plants.

The Link […]

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The Problem with Opioids (+ 6 Strategies for Natural Pain Relief)

Do you wish your chronic pain would go away?

Doctors now realize that we haven’t done a good job treating people with chronic pain. Many of the painkillers doctors prescribe – and that you’ve likely been treated with – are risky and not very effective. The issue is not a lack of good drugs but the […]

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The Benefits of Earthing for Sleep and Pain Relief

I reduced my pain by earthing. You can too.

What is Earthing?

Go outside and touch the ground. You’re now earthing yourself.

Earthing is making sure our bodies are at their natural level of electrical charge. Earthing happens whenever we come in direct contact with the ground. Every time you walk around barefoot, come in contact with a […]

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