Stay Hydrated with These Healthy Homemade Drink Ideas

Many of us enjoy something having something sweet to sip, but sugary drinks are one of the largest sources of calories in our diet. Instead, you can feel good about having any of these homemade drink ideas. They’re tasty, healthy and easy to make.

4 Healthy Homemade Drink Ideas to Have Instead of Soda

1. Drink sparkling […]

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Healthy Fiber-Rich Yam and Lentil Curry Recipe

This healthy yam and lentil curry recipe is delicious and simple to make. In my household it’s aways a hit with our guests.

The benefits of this meal are two-fold. First-off it’s incredibly rich in fiber thanks to the lentils, split peas and yams. Your digestive system loves fiber, as does your microbiome. Not […]

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Get Back on Track With This 24 Hour Cleanse (Recipes Included!)

Sometimes we feel tired and sluggish after we eat. Sometimes we feel refreshed – satisfied but not stuffed. We eat in different settings – while relaxing with friends, rushed at lunchtime, running to catch a bus, driving in the car, or out of frustration or loneliness. We also eat things that come out of packages […]

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My Top 10 Favorite Superfoods (+ Delicious Recipes!)

Why do some people think that all the superfoods we’re supposed to eat are so expensive?

They don’t have to be. The media tells us every six months that there is a new mystical fruit or oil that we have to consume in order to live long. Let’s not fall for that marketing spin. They may […]

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