Holistic Pain Relief: Turning Healthcare Right Side Up

Holistic Pain Relief: Turning Healthcare Right Side Up

Holistic Pain Relief is a book that turns health right side up, putting less focus on the drugs and medical procedures, and more focus on living a healthy lifestyle.


As an integrative physician, Heather Tick combines conventional medicine and alternative medicines strategies to help patients. She also collaborates with other health disciplines like massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists and others.

Your health has more to do with what you eat, drink, think, feel or do, than your genetics. The lifestyle choices that you make every day impact your health  than what can be done with most medical procedures or drugs (except for acute trauma, emergencies and lifesaving situations.)

The book Holistic Pain Relief talks about turning healthcare right side up. This approach makes drugs, surgery and procedures a smaller part of the picture, and focuses more on what we need to live healthier lifestyles, including the foods we eat, how much we sleep, the way we exercise.

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Transcript: Holistic Pain Relief

Hi, I’m Heather Tick and I am an Integrative physician which means I like to use both conventional medicine and the things that people have called complementary and alternative medicine strategies to help my patients. I also collaborate with a lot of other kinds of health disciplines like massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractors, reiki therapists, and others anybody who’s able to help my patients get better. I’ve written a book all about the Integrative Health Strategies that you can use for dealing with your own pain. Now, pain is a serious problem in our country and so common: that means that either you’re in pain or you know somebody in pain. So that’s why I wrote the book to put the information out there and allow people to go through the book and explore moe options that are usually considered when treating pain. The book has references and a glossary  to help non medical practitioners understand the science, have it as a reference and be able to discuss the information with their health care providers. It’s full of very useful suggestions. Additionally you will learn why we should be using many of the alternative methods for treatment before we try a conventional drugs, certain surgeries and procedures. This is the strategy now recommended in military medicine in the USA.

Now don’t get me wrong, modern medicine has many, many wonderful innovations that have made our lives better and we dont want to give up those miraculous advances. But with most of the chronic conditions that make up 75% of our health care bill,  poor lifestyles choices such as think eating poorly, not exercise, avoiding sleep, letting stress be uncontrolled cannot be solved by drugs, surgeries and procedures. Your health has more to do with what you eat, drink, think, feel and do than with your genetics or with whatever I as a physician can do with drugs and procedures. So I need my patients to be collaborators to work with me and to strive for better health.

In the book I’ve also described why we got into such a mess with our healthcare system. Why we reach for prescription pads before we tell people about food? Why its common place to do procedures before we refer to a reiki therapist or to a massage therapist? I am working to help teach practitioners and patients how they can get health care right-side up. We should not leave the lifestyle choices and the low risk treatments as the last resort while we use mainly drugs, surgery and procedures. The big part of the pyramid at the bottom should be healthy lifestyles; what we eat, what we do for exercise, how we sleep, how we take care of our physical needs, how we take care of our social needs and stress. Those things are all more important and should be taking up most of our attention. Drugs, surgery and procedures should be a small part of the picture. So I call this health care right-side up and the book is Holistic Pain Relief.

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About the Author:

For over 20 years Dr. Tick has dedicated herself to researching evidence-based holistic treatments for pain and inflammation. A multiple-book author, including the highly acclaimed Holistic Pain Relief - An In-Depth Guide to Managing Chronic Pain, Dr. Tick empowers her patients to live free of pain and full of life. She is the first holder of the prestigious Gunn-Loke Endowed Professorship of Integrative Pain Medicine at the University of Washington and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington in the departments of Family Medicine and Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine.

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