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Hi, I’m Dr. Heather Tick.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people manage their complex pain problems, take back their lives and learn how to thrive. Helping your body heal requires knowing as much as you can about the key aspects of health. I can help you with all of them.



Do you feel like you’ve tried everything?


Do your doctors prescribe drugs that don’t help?


Do you constantly feel tired and worn out?


Do you wish you had a doctor that understand you?

Your life can be different. I can help you thrive.

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The Latest

  • DIY Guide to Natural Cleaning

3 DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes for Your Healthy Home

Chemical cleaning products can be harsh on your skin, disruptive to your gut microbiome and unhealthy for your lungs. Fortunately, the ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboards and medicine cabinet can go a long [...]

  • 4 Ways to Reduce the Toxic Load in Your Home Environment

4 Ways to Reduce the Toxic Load in Your Home Environment

We're exposed to toxic chemicals in our home environment every single day. Think about it. The ingredients you use in your personal hygiene routine, the products you clean with, pesticides on your food and chlorine [...]

  • Be a Contributor - Write for Heather

Be a Contributor 

Write for Heather Hello and welcome! Health is a lifestyle. Here’s our goal: to educate people on how nutrition, exercise, supplementation and stress reduction can eliminate pain and disease. Healthcare isn’t just about curing diseases. [...]

Pain Management

  • Relieving chronic pain with behavioral strategies

Relieving Chronic Pain with Behavioral Strategies

As an integrative medicine practitioner, I spend a lot of time discussing the importance of diet and lifestyle with those suffering from chronic pain. Because while prescription pharmaceuticals like opioids, or even just over-the-counter analgesics [...]

  • The Migraine Relief Plan By Stephanie Weaver MPH, CWHC

The Migraine Relief Plan By Stephanie Weaver MPH, CWHC

Migraines are a common form of pain. In fact, they're so common that there's someone suffering from migraines in 1 of 4 American households. And while it may seem natural to reach for an over-the-counter [...]

  • 4 Ways Integrative Medicine Helps Chronic Pain

4 Ways Integrative Medicine Helps Chronic Pain

Each and every one of us play an integral role in the quality of our own personal healthcare. Just listening to your doctor alone isn't enough. It would be like going to the dentist twice [...]


  • The Microbiome Diet - 6 Foods to Avoid

The Microbiome Diet – 6 Foods to Avoid

A microbiome diet is a healthy style of eating that supports the good bacteria in the microbiome. It removes common foods that feed the bad bacteria and yeast living in the gut. Instead a microbiome [...]

  • 5-Health-Benefits-of-Probiotics

5 Health Benefits of Probiotics

Each of us has a community of bacteria and other microorganisms living inside of us referred to as the microbiome. Its made up of good bacteria (probiotics), bad bacteria and yeast that live symbiotically together. [...]

  • How to Shop Organic on a Budget - The 2017 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

How to Shop Organic on a Budget – The 2017 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

If you want to reduce your exposure to pesticides and remove genetically modified foods from your diet, shopping organic is the best way to do so. Unfortunately though, organic produce can be significantly more expensive [...]

Eric Schoomaker

A ‘whole person’ approach to optimal well being

“A valuable resource for the many people suffering from acute and chronic pain and for all of us who desire a ‘whole person’ approach to optimal well being.”

Eric B. Schoomaker, MD, PhD

Lt General (ret), Former Army Surgeon General

Christiane Northrup

You will find solutions here

“For the multitudes who suffer – needlessly – from pain, you will find solutions here.”

Christiane Northrup, MD

OB-GYN physician and author

Andrea Nathanson

I would not be alive if it weren’t for Dr. Tick

“After two years of misdiagnosis and endless medications, I met Dr. Tick. Her methods led to a completely different diagnosis, which was life threatening lead poisoning. After two full years of therapy, I now live an active life that is free of pain and medication.”

Andrea Nathanson