Heather Tick, MD is a renowned integrative medical professional, author and professor. Have health questions? She’s known for communicating complex health information in digestible, easy-to-understand language. Heather has helped thousands of Americans take their health into their own hands.

Our Microbiome: How We Change our Body Every Time We Eat™
What Cellular Nutrition Has to do With Chronic Pain
Strategies to Manage Auto Immune Disorders
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“She was terrific. Energized. Informative. Totally in language everyone could understand. Brilliant.”
– Eva

“Thank you for bringing Dr. Tick to us via internet! We had a lovely evening here with raw cuisine desserts, red wine and great presentation! Our living room was full while others who could not come were live streaming in Bella Coola and Grande Prairie. What a wonderful reach to our own warm homes! Love it!”
– Margery

“This webinar was a great experience. Dr. Tick delivered fantastic information and I am grateful she is willing to share that with all of us! Thank you.”
– Sandra


American College of Preventative Medicine Annual Meeting, “Integrative Pain Medicine”
Washington DC, Feb 2016.


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Palm Springs, CA. Feb 2016


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4A - Usana International Convention
Usana International Convention
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Niagara on the Lake, June 2015


International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research “Educational Programs for a Career in Integrative Medicine”
Jeju, Korea, May 2015


Integrative Healthcare Symposium “Never Only Opioids,” John Weeks, Heather Tick and Martha Maynard,
New York, Feb 2015


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NFLD, Oct, 2014


University of Washington Annual Conference for Advanced Practice Nursing “Nutrition and Pain”
Oct, 2014


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