Chronic Pain

Relieving Chronic Pain with Behavioral Strategies

As an integrative medicine practitioner, I spend a lot of time discussing the importance of diet and lifestyle with those suffering from chronic pain. Because while prescription pharmaceuticals like opioids, or even just over-the-counter analgesics are a great solution for acute pain, they can end up doing more harm than good with longterm use for […]

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4 Ways Integrative Medicine Helps Chronic Pain

Each and every one of us play an integral role in the quality of our own personal healthcare. Just listening to your doctor alone isn’t enough. It would be like going to the dentist twice a year, but never brushing your teeth. You need to be asking questions, educating yourself and making an effort to live a […]

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Reducing Chronic Pain Naturally: Townshend Interview

Natural methods of healing can help to relieve chronic pain and myofascial pain. Without diet and lifestyle changes, we’re missing a key part of the puzzle.


  • Myofascial pain refers to pain of the muscles and fascia. It’s commonly involved in challenging cases of chronic pain.
  • Myofascial pain can be relieved using GUNN Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) […]
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Nutrition for Chronic Pain Management | PAINWeek 2016

I recently attended a national conference in Las Vegas called PAINWeek. It’s where practitioners in the medical field come together to discuss the topic of pain. Chronic pain is a complicated issue, and prescription medications are not enough. The best approach to chronic pain management is a holistic approach.

This year I shared two presentations at PAINWeek. […]

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What Does “Nothing’s Wrong with You” Mean?

Have you ever walked out of a specialist’s office without an answer for your pain? If you have, take heart. You’re not alone.

In this interview, I talk about how healthcare providers can mean when they discuss test results.


“There’s nothing wrong with you” is good news. If you’re told this by a specialist even though you have pain, take heart. […]

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How Being Stressed Affects Your Pain

How much stress do you carry? Most of us don’t realize it, but stress can have a greater impact on pain that we think.

Stress shuts down the systems in our body that needed for long-term health. That prevents our bodies from healing and curing our pain.


The stress response shuts down the functions you need to reduce pain. Stress decreases circulation, […]

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When Should You Take Pain Seriously?

We’ve all experienced it – this small, nagging pain that stays a little longer than we expect it to. How do you tell if the pain is a symptom of something serious?


Recognize signs of dangerous pain. If you have crushing chest pain that’s not gone by the time you reach the telephone, dial 911.

The pain should decrease. If they don’t get better […]

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What is Chronic Pain and Why Do We Feel It?

Do you wonder where pain comes from? It turns out the answer is a little complicated.


Chronic pain is influenced by every part of your body. When you talked to doctors who are interested in nerves and pain, it’s a nerve thing. And when you talked to doctors who are focused on behavior, well it’s a behavior thing and […]

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