How to Sleep More and Feel Well Rested

Are you having trouble sleeping? Here are some ways to improve your sleep.


Give yourself 8 hours of sleep to ensure you’re actually sleeping at least 7 to 7.5 hours.

Develop a healthy bedtime routine. Allow your body to slow down and prepare for sleep.

Reduce your caffeine intake. It takes your body 7 hours to clear half […]

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How Being Stressed Affects Your Pain

How much stress do you carry? Most of us don’t realize it, but stress can have a greater impact on pain that we think.

Stress shuts down the systems in our body that needed for long-term health. That prevents our bodies from healing and curing our pain.


The stress response shuts down the functions you need to reduce pain. Stress decreases circulation, […]

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3 Easy Breathing Techniques to Relieve Stress

If you’re having a particularly stressful moment, here’s some wisdom from a Chinese philosophy text: “Let things ripen, and then fall. Force is not the way at all.”

Be gentle with yourself when you try to de-stress.

It sounds odd, perhaps, but I see patients becoming more stressed as they try to relax. They are trying hard cope […]

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A 3-Day Detox to Keep You Healthy

Chances are what you’ve heard about detox could be wrong.

The detox methods most of the internet buzzes about are fads. Before the recent craze, medical professionals did detoxify the body. Here’s the difference: detox was only used for getting rid of immediate life-threatening drugs, alcohol, poison. Now there seems to be a new smoothie detox plan each week.

Your […]

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How to Manage Stress: An Unexpected Approach

Mind doesn’t dominate body; it becomes body. –Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion

For centuries, we’ve known that the mind and the body are tightly linked. Ever had a gut feeling about something? The gut produces 80% of the body’s serotonin, a chemical believed to improve our mood. We’ve also found that the heart releases norepinephrine and […]

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