5 Health Benefits of Sweating to Get You Moving

5 Health Benefits of Sweating to Get You Moving

The benefits of sweating are like a magic pill to most chronic diseases.

Getting regular exercise is one of the best pieces of advice I can give to anyone, regardless of your state of health. It gives you a strong heart, reduces your risk of chronic pain and diseases, and even triggers your brain to feel happy. Another benefit of exercise is that it makes you sweat.

The Benefits of Sweating for Your Health

Your body regulates its temperature by sweating. For example, your body overheats when you work out and sweating cools you back down to a normal temperature. In addition, sweat releases waste materials such as urea, lactic acid, and ammonia.

1. Detoxify

Research shows that sweating helps your body flush out salt, heavy metals, and modern chemicals. Sweating is an important way your body cleanses itself of waste materials.

2. Reduce your risk of kidney stones

Keep your bones strong and stones in your garden. Sweating helps the body eliminate excess salt and keep calcium in your bones. This prevents kidney stones which are caused by accumulating salt and calcium in the kidneys.

3. Fight illness-causing bugs

Here’s one way your body fights germs. Sweat contains antimicrobial substances that break down bacteria such tuberculosis germs. Here’s another bonus: germs aren’t likely to develop resistance against the substances in sweat.

4. Sweat out that stress

Stressed? I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone that doesn’t carry some or a lot of stress around with them. Exercise makes you happier and lowers stress levels. Your muscles relax in the humidity and heat, releasing the stress caused by muscle tension.

5. Get clear glowing skin

Put away that concealer. Sweat allows the body to release toxins that can cause pimples and clogged pores.

Get your body moving. Hop in a sauna.

Go for a workout. Go for a walk, play basketball, or do some yoga – whatever you enjoy and gets you sweaty, is the best form of exercise.

I also recommend infrared saunas. Infrared light heats your body, penetrating through your skin into deeper structures. They cause you to sweat and also improve the healing of injuries.

Take a step towards health today

Get sweaty. Go outside and move. You’ll look good and give your immune system a power boost.

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