What are the Benefits of Turmeric?

What are the Benefits of Turmeric?

We should all eat more turmeric.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and research shows that it is effective in treating pain 1. It is also useful in treating arthritis and is currently being researched for Alzheimer’s prevention. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Therapies published a review of hundreds of studies and concluded that “turmeric appears to outperform many pharmaceuticals in its effects against several chronic debilitating diseases, and does so with virtually no side effects.”

What are the Benefits of Turmeric?

1. Reduce inflammation

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Since most chronic diseases are caused by inflammation, making sure that your diet is full of anti-inflammatory foods will give your immune system a power boost. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, decreases the levels of two enzymes in your body that cause inflammation.

Cucurmin is also an antioxidant. That means turmeric has the ability to fight free radicals, the particles in your body that can alter DNA and damage cells. Free radicals are caused by a range of factors, from normal metabolism to too much sun exposure, and having antioxidants in your diet is the most effective way to manage free radicals.

2. Prevent heart disease

Turmeric could help you prevent plaque buildup 2, a factor that causes blocked arteries which can lead to heart attacks. Some animal studies show that supplements of turmeric prevents LDL cholesterol from clogging up blood vessels. Turmeric also has the ability to prevent platelets from clumping together, which means that it may help prevent blood clots in the arteries.

3. Prevent cancer

Turmeric could prevent the growth of cancerous cells 3. We’ve seen a number of promising animal studies. They showed that turmeric supplements reduced the growth of tumors in the stomach, liver, mouth, and colon. We don’t have enough research to know definitively that turmeric prevents cancer in humans. However, we know enough that I recommend making a point to add turmeric to your diet.

How to Use Turmeric

Make some curry for dinner. The body absorbs turmeric better when it’s combined with oil and black pepper, as it is in curry. You could even make some turmeric tea. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric, some honey, and a dash of coconut milk with hot water.

Chew on this

You change your body chemistry every time you eat. We’ve gotten used to the idea that staying healthy is about cures and pills when problems arise. We need to rethink that. Living well is about having a lifestyle and diet that prevent problems in the first place.

Are you getting turmeric into your diet? Tell us below in the comments.

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About the Author:

For over 20 years Dr. Tick has dedicated herself to researching evidence-based holistic treatments for pain and inflammation. A multiple-book author, including the highly acclaimed Holistic Pain Relief - An In-Depth Guide to Managing Chronic Pain, Dr. Tick empowers her patients to live free of pain and full of life. She is the first holder of the prestigious Gunn-Loke Endowed Professorship of Integrative Pain Medicine at the University of Washington and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington in the departments of Family Medicine and Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine.


  1. Eugenia Lee April 24, 2016 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    I use turmeric almost everyday for the pain/inflammation that I experience from DDD . I fill my own empty capsules (found in health food stores in various sizes) and take one or two at a time as I need it. It works very well for me and I’m glad that it’s a natural way to go!

    • mm
      Dr. Heather Tick M.D. April 25, 2016 at 10:50 pm - Reply

      That is a great tip Eugenia. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Deb Ren August 16, 2016 at 8:50 pm - Reply

    There are lots of Tumetic teas you can buy. I love it. Or make your own. That works too. I’m wondering about the article. If you were to add a bit of black pepper and coconut oil to the warm tea would it make it even better for you?
    Going to give it a try????!

    • mm
      Heather Tick MD August 17, 2016 at 7:01 pm - Reply

      Great idea, black pepper and oil help you absorb more of it.

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