5 Reasons You Should Drink More Water Every Day

5 Reasons You Should Drink More Water Every Day

I’m often asked by my patients for the ‘trick’ to losing weight, or the ‘secret’ to good health. Many of these tricks are simpler than we imagine. For example, drink more water. Here’s 5 huge reasons why we should all drink more water every day.

Why You Should Drink More Water – 5 Benefits

1. Flush out those toxins

Give your kidneys a power boost. They are the high-power cleaning crew of our bodies. However, they do need water to perform their task. Blood urea nitrogen, the main waste product in the body, needs to be first dissolved in water before our kidneys can flush it from the body.

2. Lose weight

Water keeps our calorie count low. We don’t feel as hungry when we’re hydrated. If you have a glass of water before a meal, you’ll eat less and feel just as satisfied. Here’s another trick: eat food with high water content. Think apples, vegetables, or oatmeal. They help us chew more and are absorbed more slowly by our bodies, giving us that wonderful sense of contentment after a meal. Need more ideas for foods with lots of water? Think fruits, soups, and beans.

3. Get healthy glowing skin

Water is a large component of your skin. Your kidneys will flush out any excess water, but having enough water in your body keeps your skin looking good.

4. Get stronger

Your muscles need water to perform at their best. Drinking enough water helps our heart function better and increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. In addition, fluids cool down our bodies and lubricate our joints. Need more energy during your regular work day? Water helps your body function more efficiently and keeps you energized.

5. Help out your bowels

If your bowel function is taking too long, try drinking some water. The first step to preventing constipation is keeping your body fluids at a normal level.

Tips for Drinking More Water

Drinking more water each day can be simple. Here are my favourite tips:

  • Have a full jug on your desk. It’ll help you remember to take a sip every couple of minutes.
  • Have more vegetables and fruits.
  • Put down that coffee or soda! Have some water instead.
  • Feeling hungry? Try drinking some water first. If you start having pangs of hunger between meals, grab a glass of water. You’ll cut down on your calorie count

Chew on this

With a glass in hand and the right food choices, staying healthy can be simple. Reach for water first.

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