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3 Natural Sweeteners to Use Instead of Sugar

Let’s talk about sugar for a moment. Most of us know it contributes to obesity, weakens immunity and creates poor dental health. Yet, the average American adult eats 22 teaspoons of sugar daily. That’s much more than double the recommended daily allowance according to the American Heart Association.

So what can you […]

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How Much Sugar Should I Eat?

The average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar each yearhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2012/08/30/how-much-sugar-are-americans-eating-infographic/#123894f1f718 . It’s everywhere including fruit juices, yogurt, cereals, breads and more. So you may have found yourself asking for the sake of your health “how much sugar should I eat?”

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple.

According to the American Heart Association the recommended daily intake of […]

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6 Great Tasting Recipes to Improve Heart Health

Eating well is way easier than you think.

If you’ve wondered what the best foods are for preventing diabetes, losing weight, or warding off Alzheimer’s, here’s the good news: it’s all the same. There’s one set of guidelines to healthy eating. That’s it. You don’t have to read a bunch of blogs or memorize lots of […]

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5 Simple Solutions to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

What to eat has always spurred huge debate. First we were told that fat was the problem. Carbs were the next scapegoat. Sugar and the resulting sugar cravings, however, is the real problem.

You often hear that each generation of Americans is getting bigger and heavier. Kids nowadays are heavier than kids were thirty […]

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How to Lose Weight: Why Fat-Free Isn’t the Answer

I grimace each time I hear the word “fat-free.” Fat-free doesn’t mean sugar-free, and it sure isn’t problem-free.

Ever since the sixties we’ve been told that fat is the worst thing we can put in our bodies. Fact check: that’s just not true. In fact, obesity in America has been spiking upwards even though we’ve cut […]

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Black Pepper: 5 Healthy Benefits for Your Body

There’s a superfood in your kitchen hiding in plain sight. The common black pepper is actually a pain-fighting superfood with a wide range of nutritional benefits. Here’s what black pepper does for you and tips for drawing the spiciest kick from your pepper.

What Eating Black Pepper Does For Your Health

1. Reduce your pain

I write a […]

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